eManifest Highway Carrier - What you Need to Know

Here's what you need to know about highway carrier reporting requirements at the First Point of Arrival (FPOA) in Canada:

• As of January 11, 2016, if the carrier arrives at the border without having successfully provided the CBSA with pre-arrival eManifest data, the carrier will experience processing delays and may be subject to monetary penalties, but will not be required to return to the U.S

• Customs Self Assessment (CSA) / Free and Secure Trade (FAST) carriers and non- CSA/FAST carriers who are not transporting any goods (empty conveyance) are not required to submit pre-arrival eManifest conveyance data to the CBSA, but are encouraged to do so.

• There are three options available to carriers and their drivers when presenting documents to the CBSA officer upon arrival at FPOA, each of which requires that a document with a machine-readable bar code be presented to the CBSA officer:

1.(preferred option) Present a lead sheet that contains, at minimum, a bar coded Conveyance Reference Number (CRN);

2.Present a lead sheet that contains, at minimum, a bar-coded Cargo Control Number (CCN) with a handwritten CRN; or

3.Present a lead sheet that contains, at minimum, a handwritten CRN and also present Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) documents with a bar-coded PARS number. For more information see D-Memorandum 3-4-2 and eManifest Requirements for Highway Carriers.

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