Customs brokerage and logistics services.

Providing strategic advantages for each and every client.

We’re focused on developing the best solution for you. Thompson Ahern has over 10 decades of experience as a Customs broker. We understand that processes, legislation and standards continue to evolve, especially when it comes to international trade. We’re committed to growing with the industry and with your business as we move forward.

Thompson Ahern is equipped to provide our clients with an integrated logistics package, including a full range of cross border Customs brokerage and consulting services, international freight forwarding, transborder logistics, distribution and warehousing.

We use the latest tools and technology to work through each import challenge. We delve into your business to gain important, intimate knowledge of your operations and the nature of your shipments. This comprehensive research and discovery is part and parcel of our ability to provide one-on-one service, custom solutions and total transparency from start to finish.

Leveraging our history of success into further growth!

The past 100 years of listening, learning and implementing has secured our position as a top Canadian Customs broker. As well, we have integrated U.S. Customs brokerage, North American logistics and international freight management into our service offerings.

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