Smartborder customs overview

Efficient online document generation

Customs filing and compliance has significantly changed in recent years and governments around the world continue to roll out new electronic documentation and reporting requirements. In order to comply with these stringent requirements, companies must efficiently generate high quality customs documents, commercial and internal forms. It’s now essential for organizations to use technology to properly comply with the ever-changing regulatory requirements imposed by border agencies.

Form and functionality

TAHOCO’s SmartBorder application platform is Internet based software that enables TAHOCO clients to create exceptionally high quality documents online and share them with the necessary commercial and government parties. SmartBorder ensures compliance with current trade documentation standards, while also helping you realize significant reductions in errors and omissions.

SmartBorder features & benefits

SmartBorder enables you to quickly and efficiently create Customs Invoices and other commonly used export forms. Utilizing information in stored databases of your shipping information (shipper, consignee, buyer, etc.), and features such as drop-down pick-lists, calendars and a built-in HSTUS tariff picker makes new document creation a snap. 

With SmartBorder you can ensure that the product descriptions shown on your invoices are accurate, complete and totally consistent. Information entered into the invoice can then be used to automatically populate other forms such as the CUSMA/USMCA Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, etc. Saved export documents can be used as templates for future shipments thereby speeding document creation for repetitive transactions with the same data elements. 

When your export documents are complete you can post them electronically to us; a process that helps ensure a faster, more accurate transmission of data and one that facilitates a seamless integration for transactions handled by our Canadian brokerage partners.

SmartBorder online demonstration

To learn more about how the SmartBorder solution can address your export documentation needs, please view our online demonstration or contact us for more information.

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