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View all your shipment stats in one place!

Our Shipments Web provides one-button access to a range of comprehensive details on your shipments! You can search for Released, Not Released, Delivered, In Motion, or Missing Info Shipments according to a range of criteria. View documents online, get all invoice details related to transaction, prepare account management reports according to your own parameters, and print or output them in different file formats.

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Shipments Web Tutorial

(The web application is organized in 2 sections. The Quick tracking for immediate access to transaction supporting paperwork and shipment status while the Advanced tracking option is a user-friendly interactive grid that displays your most recent import activity and allows for searching, filtering and running of reports. This tutorial walks you through the application and points out important tools.)

Convenience for everyone on your team:

  • Accounting - easy access to billing invoices, variety of billing reports, B3 documents and commercial invoices
  • Customs Compliance and Logistics - real-time shipment status, interactive grid with direct access to shipment documents and reporting features, allows for proactive online audit of entry packages
  • Sr. Management - access to big data, powerful reporting and filtering tools, live shipment status

Please email for more info, demo or if you require Shipments Web credentials.