Canadian customs brokerage – duty recovery

Minimize duty to become more competitive!

Drawbacks are a government program that allows Canadian manufacturers and exporters to be more competitive in foreign markets by recovering Canadian duties paid on components and production materials incorporated/consumed in goods subsequently exported.

You are entitled to a full drawback if the following circumstances apply:

  • Goods exported in the same condition as imported. Remember, goods can undergo certain operations in Canada and still be considered exported in the same condition
  • Goods exported to non-CUSMA/USMCA countries
  • Goods deemed to have been exported by way of delivery to a duty-free shop, or as ships stores or supplies for ships and aircraft
  • Specified goods under certain circumstances when exported to the United States and subject to the MFN tariff (ie. Imported goods used as a material in the production of apparel that is subject to the MFN when exported to the USA)

In addition to drawback claims, we process Requests for Redetermination, i.e. refund claims, including:

  • Tariff classification change and/or Tariff Code applicability
  • Value for duty change
  • Tariff treatment change
  • Duty relief on, for example, defective goods returned to your foreign supplier or destroyed

We also help you by way of:

  • Appeals of CBSA Redeterminations of classification, value or tariff treatment
  • Appeals of AMPS penalties

As part of your integrated Compliance and Customs management framework, we welcome working in co-operation with your Customs Counsel or other Consultants. We are pleased to act as your agent in directing and supporting such trade partners.