Thompson Ahern Active Participant in SWI Testing with the CBSA

It is with great pleasure Thompson Ahern would like to announce that we are now an active participant in the Single Window Initiative (SWI) testing with the CBSA.

As one of two brokers currently approved for testing, we are very excited to have been approved as a leading participant in this new initiative set out by CBSA in conjunction with Other Government Departments. 

This positions us to be one of the first ready for the transition when this program is officially launched by CBSA for mainstream use.  In addition to our testing we are examining our client base and determining their requirements to ensure our staff are well trained and ready prior to implementation, which ensures no disruption in the high level of service provided.

Thompson Ahern strives to be at the cutting edge of innovations and we hope by being one of the first custom brokers in Canada to test this new system that we will  remain at the forefront as leader in the industry.


About the CBSA Single Window Initiative (SWI)

The Single Window Initiative, will facilitate the information flow from traders to CBSA, and will allow for traders to provide all required import information electronically to customs. In turn, the CBSA will share the information with the appropriate department or agency regulating the goods.

The SWI participating Canadian departments and agencies along with the CBSA are: Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Trade and Development Canada, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada and Foreign Affairs.

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