One of the oldest Customs brokers in Canada

Let us help you make this important decision!

Switching your business to Thompson Ahern provides you with flexible, adaptive solutions provided by our team of highly skilled professionals. Here are 10 reasons why moving your business to us is a good decision:

1. We have a 99% client retention rate. Our focus is getting the job done, no matter what. We can handle your cross border or international freight shipment from start to finish. Our response time is quick and our commitment to providing top-tier customer service is thorough.

2. We have a wealth of experience in the industry. The past 100 years have provided us a great foundation to develop our identity as a Customs broker, as well as integrate a number of logistics services into the scope of our service offerings.

3. We work one-on-one with all our clients to develop custom solutions—top-tier customer service is a definite focus at Thompson Ahern. With staff spread throughout three locations, we can get personal with each account and ensure we’re never out of touch with our clients. Our team is flexible and adaptive.

4. Thompson Ahern employs top-of-the-line technology. Customs processes continue to evolve along with presence of emerging innovations in ecommerce; Thompson Ahern is committed to keeping current with all industry trends and innovation

5. We’re focused on compliance to help you avoid unnecessary fines, penalties and delays. Our licensed Customs professionals are trained to comply with all government regulations applicable to your imported goods.

6. We share your commitment to run green. Within our organization, we place a strong emphasis on excellent corporate citizenship.

7. We act as a valuable resource for industry bulletins and trade information to keep you up-to-speed with the latest developments.

8. Customs and compliance training seminars are part of our regular value-added service offering. We want to arm you with the knowledge necessary to make good decisions when it comes to making decisions about your cross-border freight.

9. Our accounting system is second-to-none. Instead of reams of invoices, we provide you with digital copies for your records. We can provide personalized reporting and analysis to help you streamline your operations. From summary billing, to CD invoices to billing via FTP, your convenience and ease of use is always top-of-mind.

10. Customs brokerage is our specialty but we do much more! Look to us for international freight forwarding and logistics requirements.