One of the oldest Customs brokers in Canada

We are our biggest consulting client!

Thompson Ahern consultants routinely provide information and guidance to brokerage operations staff. Our compliance management procedures ensure we obtain necessary documentation for your shipments. We provide confidence that your goods will be accounted for at the lowest duty and tax rates possible, and that you have the documentation to back it up.

Such proactive services within brokerage are designed to compliantly enhance your competitive position. We help ensure your company takes full advantage of duty free Tariff provisions, duty deferral and relief programs, and applicable Free Trade Agreement duty rates. We take great pride and care in our role within your Compliance and Customs management framework.

Issues our Compliance Specialists address include:

  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation
  • FTA and other Preferential Origin
  • National Customs rulings, where appropriate
  • Duty deferral and duty relief
  • Timely amendment of Customs accounting documents, where required.
  • Other Governmental Department requirements (eg. CFIA, EnerCan, Health Canada, etc.)
  • GST & Excise Tax Status
  • Marking requirements