Transportation technology

Evolving in tandem with international trade regulation.

Thompson Ahern is dedicated to using the latest in flexible, data intensive technologies to meet your changing needs. Customs processes continue to evolve especially with emerging innovations in ecommerce; Thompson Ahern is committed to keeping current with all industry trends and innovation.

A top-notch system to improve efficiency…

We operate on a Descartes® tracking, visibility and performance management system. This top-of-the-line interface allows you to easily view your shipments, inventory, cross-border compliance and delivery performance. In addition, you have access to a host of other integral functionality for improved management of your supply chain.

Technologically savvy and service-centric.

Our commitment to technology goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to customer service and corporate citizenship. In utilizing the latest in online tracking, comprehensive reporting and communication, we are able to streamline operations, cut down on waste, and, ultimately, provide secure, efficient service.

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