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Thompson Ahern ensures the expedient delivery of freight across the border, every day. In order to ensure the most seamless shipment of your freight possible, we utilize eManifest solutions to get the Customs clearance process started before your freight arrives at the border.

We keep abreast of all the most recent developments in Customs compliance in order to provide you with the most effective transportation solutions possible. With safety and security always top-of-mind, we examine every aspect of your delivery requirement and implement the latest in ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) and eManifest technology to ensure the safe, compliant and swift arrival of your freight at its destination.

eManifest update – January 2014.

eManifest is the third and final phase of the Canada Border Service Agency's Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program. The first two phases of ACI required air and marine carriers to electronically transmit pre-arrival cargo and conveyance information to the CBSA, within advance time frames. eManifest applies to most highway carriers who transport commercial goods into Canada. The CBSA advises that there are currently over 10,200 carriers registered with the eManifest project which represent 95% of the commercial traffic at the border. There are, however, still 15,000 highway carriers that are not registered. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure the carriers you hire (or that your vendor chooses) are eManifest registered and have the capability to transmit the required pre-arrival information electronically.

The program was to have been fully implemented last year, but due to the timelines associated with the regulatory process, the CBSA pushed back the date on which it will become mandatory for all highway carriers to the summer of 2014 (an exact date has yet to be announced).

New developments.

CBSA are requesting that all importers (and their customs brokers) file Advanced Trade Data (ATD) in the summer of 2014. Importer ATD is a requirement to provide CBSA with 9 data elements, a new addition to this data set is the name of the manufacturer and/or supplier. There are some exceptions to the Importer ATD including: temporary importations (E29B); Canadian goods refused entry to the U.S. having never left U.S. Customs control; non-commercial casual goods; goods astray; and non-emergency repairs.

Impact on your shipments.

The Importer ATD alone will not gain shipment release, so when the system is fully implemented there will be carriers filing their eManifest data, brokers filing importer release data and in some cases freight forwarders filing both carrier and ATD information. As a result of this arrangement, we anticipate there may be some initial confusion in the marketplace as to who should be filing what information.

The majority of shipments arriving via highway mode at the border will be on PARS (which includes the Importer ATD data set). Air cargo carriers do not provide the broker with pre-alerts, so we are able to file a PARS including ATD for those shipments. Concerns however exist with respect to freight forwarders and steamship lines handling LCL and FCL shipments. You may get calls from freight forwarders asking your permission to file Importer ATD on your behalf. We strongly caution you about acceding to this request as they are not in a position to provide all 9 of the data elements accurately. You may also be charged extra by them for this service and could be exposing yourself to the risk of incurring AMPS penalties should the data provided turn out to be inaccurate.

How can you avoid problems?

Whenever possible on both air and ocean shipments just send us the copy of a commercial invoice or purchase order well in advance of the shipment leaving for Canada.

Our service solution.

Thompson Ahern’s ACI and ACE capable eManifest solution provides a fast, secure, cost-effective method of handling advance customs information across the border for all your shipments whether heading north or south. Let our team make crossing the border a smooth, hassle-free process for both you and your carriers.