One of the oldest Customs brokers in Canada

Meticulous electronic records-keeping for your added convenience!

We can provide you with a fully automated, manageable and secure electronic solution to exchange important trade information and tailor it to your specialized business requirements. These processes and procedures speed clearance, reduce document handling errors empower you with the comprehensive audit trails and information management capabilities that are so frequently demanded by Customs.

With our document imaging capability, we are able to email you invoices or send them on a CD-ROM. Our clients are able to view all their documents online with Thompson Ahern.

Accurate, comprehensive records help you avoid hold-ups with customs!

Getting the right information at the right time is critical to running a successful organization. But, collecting and tracking it can me difficult and overwhelming. Through a convenient, secure web-based interface, Thompson Ahern enables you to access a wide range of information to facilitate your organization’s management planning and data analysis functions. Through our reporting systems, we can give you monthly, organizational reports, cross-referencing your data in .csv, flat file or PDF and communicate them by email, CD-ROM or FTP (file transfer program).

Shipments Web, our client portal, gives our customers powerful tools to access and manipulate data pertaining to their Customs-related activities. Clients can search any information in our database instantly and produce the reports you need on demand. All the records pertaining to your shipments are storied electronically in our document management system, accessible securely online using Shipments Web – or, they can be archived and transmitted to you on a CD-ROM, as you require.

We can provide you shipment info in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Our paperless document management system ensures all your records are always organized and always available, no matter where you conduct your business. We can exchange data with our clients in a range of advanced formats including:

  • ANSI X12

EDI data can be exchanged via:

  • TCP/IP
  • AT & T
  • GEIS
  • Other VANs

Flat files can be transferred securely over the Internet using SFTP protocols (active, passive, push or pull). Data exchange options range from completely automated to scheduled to manually initiated. We can facilitate the exchange of any data that relates to your account, from modes as simple as a spreadsheet to complex integration with your operating software and databases.