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Your ability to customize billing is paramount!

Thompson Ahern views each of our clients as an investment—in your future as a shipper and our future in continuing to do business with you. Our only priority is taking the hassle and headache out of the shipping process… start to finish. We have a diverse line of billing and accounting options for mid- to large importers to help you manage your operations and view your payment information in the most expedient way.

For importers who regularly ship large quantities across the border, we have a summary billing option – that is, you can receive multiple transactions recorded on one invoice. We can also distribute these on a flexible schedule, tailored to your needs as an organization. Not only does this billing method cut down on the potential reams of paper used to document each shipment, with Thompson Ahern, the options to customize your billing are extensive.

For instance, we can send the summary invoice to multiple departments in your company (ie. Logistics and accounts receivable); we can send your invoice as a hard copy or on a CD, to further your green operations. With your invoice housed on a CD, its searchable – this makes it easy for you to find and review different aspects of your bill.

Invest in green operations and easy, convenient invoicing options!

In addition to these flexible options, we can provide you with your invoice in a readable format that communicates directly with your company’s accounting system. For certain clients, we can upload your invoices to an FTP (File Transfer Program), accessible through username and password.

From large importers to universities to mid-sized shippers, we make things easy with our flexible, customizable billing options.