Canadian Customs FedEx Broker

We have the infrastructure and technology required to meet FedEx’s stringent service level agreement.

Thompson Ahern is a member of a select group in Canada making use of the FedEx Brokerage Connections System. We are the number one customs broker when it comes to EDI utilization – this means, your time-critical shipments expedited via FedEx will be fast-tracked for immediate first wave delivery (by 6 AM).

How it works.

Electronic exchange of data happens nightly from the FedEx hub to Thompson Ahern Operations Centre in Windsor. The data exchange allows our staff to verify accuracy of the transmission and process the required cargo information for Customs purposes before the arrival of the goods. Once the shipment lands, it can be fast-tracked for immediate delivery.

Our top-notch technology means we can provide seamless service with no delays or interruptions. We are a 24/7 operation – our midnight staff can perform the customs process on a timelier and more effective basis. This results in enhanced release standards and facilitates higher percentage of First Wave Delivery.