Why Customs Brokers are Critical in a Crisis

Throughout the history of the world, countries have responded to different economic crises. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is continuously challenging countries around the world, affecting the economy, the healthcare system, laws and regulations, as well as individual’s personal lives. Before the COVID-19 crisis, we already lived in a world where changes in regulations and trade deals were a constant occurrence – now, changes come at every given minute.

Each country has instilled different systems to deal with the pandemic. Due to this, it is difficult to keep up with the different regulations and requirements in each country. We often hear about social distancing regulations in the media, but not a lot is discussed about the changes in the trade and shipping industry. In a world where working remotely has become the new norm for many organizations, a customs broker could be a great ally to help you navigate this crisis.

Shipments still need to be delivered and companies still need to export and import products to stay in business. In a world as globally connected as the one we live in, shipments have become a huge part of everyday life.

Here are three ways a customs broker can help you navigate any crisis:


The COVID-19 pandemic means that freight requirements and regulations are constantly changing. It can be extremely frustrating and nerve-wrecking for business owners to navigate those changes, especially during a crisis. Customs brokers are keeping up with the ever-changing rules and can ensure that you are delivering and receiving your goods in compliance with the regulations.


Even in normal circumstances, dealing with the necessary documentation required for shipments can be a stressful experience for business owners – and doing so in a crisis only escalates these anxieties. Customs brokers are well aware about the exact documents that are required, and the most efficient ways to prepare them during any circumstance.

Exploring New Markets

With the constant changes in regulations, it is possible that your goods may be considered ineligible for trade, at least for the time being. However, a customs broker can help you explore new markets, and determine how to prepare those products for shipment.

Here are a few of the multiple ways in which you can benefit from hiring a customs broker during a crisis. At Thompson Ahern, we are ready to assist you and your business and help you go through this turbulent time. Contact us info@taco.ca for more information.

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