Supply Chain Digitalization is More Important Than You Think 

As with every other industry in the world, digital transformation is going to profoundly affect supply chains and delivery logistics. Computing, analytics, cloud services, and tracking software are all fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT). Inevitably, IoT will forever change how delivery and logistics companies operate. 

At the beginning of this year, we published an article predicting what we should expect from supply chains in 2021. Now, halfway through the year, it is time to get more in-depth into these trends and how important it is for supply chains to join the digitalization revolution across the globe. 

IoT will forever change how supply chains operate - from inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and much more. So how is digitalization going to affect supply chains?


  1. Supply chain management 

A recent survey by GT Nexus and Capgemini found that 70% of retail and manufacturing companies have started a digitalization project in their supply chain operations. 

Although asset tracking has been used by freight and shipping companies for some time now, new developments are going to make these scanners obsolete. Newer tracking solutions will be able to offer more vital and usable data, especially when used alongside other IoT technologies. 


  1. Fleet management

Connected fleet management solutions use GPS technologies to track and gather data on the operations and locations of their fleet. Companies and governments that operate many supply chains are often using fleet management technology to ensure their process is safer and more efficient.

  1. Warehouse management 

Several products can highly impact how logistic warehouses and businesses work. Products such as active and passive RFID tags provide data on items where they are attached; internet-connect trackers allow companies to track their product throughout their journey; Bluetooth tags offer tracking in smaller areas, and allow stores to monitor traffic. 

Digitalization is a win-win. Not only does it avoid risks, but it also allows companies to advance their supply chain management in more profound ways. At TA, we are prepared to assist you and your business and make the best decisions for your supply chain. Contact us at info@taco.ca for more information!


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