Important Notice for the New ARL Payment Policy

Effective  January 2018 CBSA ARL unit have made several significant changes to the way  they want to receive payments from Importers and Customs Brokers.

CBSA will only accept payment by cheque with a valid reason (i.e. you financial institution doesn't support  "bill payment" to CBSA). If you bank with one of these financial institutions please make arrangements to send an EFT/Wire to Thompson Ahern who will issue payment on your behalf, since as of the February payment, Thompson Ahern will no longer be sending GST cheques to CBSA in Ottawa on behalf of clients.

If for a valid business reason you choose to pay by cheque, "GST DIRECT" Importers whose Receiver General payment is over $5,000.00 must be paid by "Certified cheque".  Importers with their own" Security Bond " with Receiver General payment amounts over $50,000.00 must be paid by certified cheque.

The payment must be in the hands of CBSA (Ottawa) by 4pm on the last business day.

You should send your cheque by the deadline to:

333 North River Road

Place Vanier Tower A Ground Floor Room 1018
Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8

For those of you who send us payments via wire transfer please ensure we receive it 2 days prior to the due date to meet new timelines enforced by CBSA.

Please work with us to ensure we meet these new guidelines and avoid any potential penalties that CBSA may start to enforce. Thank you and we appreciate your support in this new push by CBSA to have all transactions done electronically.

Any questions or concerns kindly contact

Ruki Martinesz, C.C.S.
Thompson Ahern International
Direct: 905-678-5475
Fax: 905-677-3584

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