CETA – Origin Verification by CBSA

The CSCB has once again asked CBSA about the requirement for an exporter in the EU to be registered in the REX program, this time in the event of an audit. Although CBSA maintains that they do not require exporters in the EU to register in the REX program, they have provided the following responses to additional questions on this

Canada's CEOs Warn Government on Trade Policy -- Update

By Paul Vieira Published December 14, 2017 OTTAWA –  Canada's most prominent business leaders are "deeply concerned" by setbacks to diversify trade in Asia in the face of uncertainty over the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a letter their lobbyist sent to Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The Business Council of Canada,

CETA and the Registered Exporter

As a result of questions regarding requirements for completion of the CETA Origin Declaration in the EU, the CSCB contacted the European Commission. Today, we received the following response from the Directorate General for Trade. In the EU, the REX system is applied since 1 January 2017 for the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), whose

CETA Origin Declarations and Electronic Signatures

CETA Origin Declarations and Electronic Signatures Post date: 2017-11-14 Question: Are CETA origin declarations with an electronic signature accepted by CBSA? Answer: CBSA has advised that the provisions in Article 19, paragraph 7 of the CETA are consistent with their current administration for the electronic transmission of origin

Customs Fees to Adjust on January 1, 2018

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced in a recent Federal Register notice that the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) will be adjusted and increased to account for inflation effective January 1, 2018. The new minimum MPF will be $25.67 and the new maximum MPF will be $497.99. The rate for calculating MPF (0.3464) remains unchanged. The

IMPORTANT Reminder on Wood Packaging Material: Canada’s Draconian Rules for Non-Compliant Wood

Unwanted pests can kill our forests, and important regulations are in place to prevent insects sneaking into this country. However, the practical implications of some of the regulations are extreme. Remember, wood packaging materials, including skids, container blocking, bracing and dunnage, on import to Canada must be ISPM 15 compliant and all

CSCB Daily Articles: CETA Q&A

Q12. Can a single statement of origin be used to cover multiple shipments of the same originating goods? A12. CBSA confirmed paragraph 5 of Article 19 of the CETA Protocol on rules of origin and origin procedures enables the Party of import to allow the origin declaration to apply to multiple shipments of identical originating products that take

CSCB Daily Articles: Decision Time!

Confusion seems to be hitting an apex. Political uncertainty is rife. Following a long run of disturbing natural events, this year’s storm season in the mid-Atlantic hit Biblical proportions. Then there are the structural weaknesses, a more-or-less permanent monument to the Great Recession – and the related sluggish growth, with which

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Extension of Compliance Dates | Food and Drug Administration (FDA) des États-Unis - Reportation des dates limites de conformité

In the last few weeks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released two proposed rules that would extend the compliance dates of multiple regulations. Nutrition Facts Label Final Rules On September 29, 2017, the FDA proposed to extend the compliance dates for the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts label final rule and the Serving Size

Analysis: Fourth Industrial Revolution will disrupt shipping

Wolfgang Lehmacher, head of supply chain and transport industry, World Economic Forum | Oct 16, 2017 6:41AM EDT The digital transformation that has overtaken much of the global economy is set to transform container shipping. Wolfgang Lehmacher, head of supply chain and transport industry, World Economic Forum, outlined six trends of the Fourth